Dancer Communication: Making or Breaking Your Big Event – Dance Marathon

Dancer Communication: Making or Breaking Your Big Event

  • Dancer Communication: Making or Breaking Your Big Event

    You’re an incoming Freshman and you have heard how important campus involvement is. Naturally, at freshman orientation, all you can think about is the Organization Fair. The time comes for you to dive into the wide world of student activities and like a ton of bricks, the PERFECT organization hits you… Dance Marathon! The students you meet are energetic, passionate and infectious. They talk to you about their local hospital, opportunities for you to get involved and their Big Event! You register on the spot.

    You head home until move-in day.

    Days, weeks, months go by and you realize you have not heard one thing about Dance Marathon. No one has reached out to you. You don’t know how to fundraise. No opportunity to get involved has surfaced. The place you wanted to call home on campus is suddenly not feeling home-y at all. Credibility is instantly lost. “Onto the next organization,” you think to yourself.

    Does this sound familiar? The common answer throughout MNDM is a resounding “yes.” Check out five easy touchpoints to ensure your dancers are stewarded year-round:

    1. Recruitment: Have recruiting opportunities regularly (tables on campus/orientations) for people to register or submit contact information in a Google Doc if they just want to receive more details. Email those who submit their contact information within one week of their submission.

    2. Post-Registration: Set up alerts on Donor Drive to email registrants immediately after registering. Customize email to include education on Donor Drive/personal and team fundraising pages.

    3. Monthly: Have monthly informational/inspirational meetings. Include cause connection, leadership training, team-building and/or education. Email registrants before AND market as opportunity for those who have not registered to come learn more about Dance Marathon.

    4. Week Before: Thank registrants for their participation, encourage last minute fundraising and educate on expectations for Day Of. Host pre-event meeting. Reach out to anyone who submitted contact information throughout the year but has not registered.

    5. Post-Event: Individually thank everyone in attendance. Educate on involvement opportunities for the future. We want to believe we are successfully engaging dancers; however, time flies by without educating, appreciating and empowering those who want to be communicated with the most. Let this be a focus of your upcoming year and I promise, you will see the return.

    Check out this great communication timeline from Donor Drive:

    Ashley Notification Infographic

    Jenny Grifenhagen
    Dance Marathon Manager | Texas

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