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Join the largest network of student leaders in North America

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We are actively recruiting student leaders and advisors to bring dance marathon to more schools across North America. Contact us if you are interested in starting a new program.

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Join the movement sweeping the nation and leave your legacy on the program at your school.

what dance marathon can do for you

Making an impact on local kids can also benefit you... big time. Miracle Network Dance Marathon will help you gain valuable leadership experience running the organization, its various committees, and events. Build a network within your school, with community partners, and amongst the hundreds of thousands of participants across North America. Whether you are interested in a career in advertising, event planning, medicine, engineering, nonprofit, business, entrepreneurship, government, civil service, or really anything else - Miracle Network Dance Marathon will give you real-world, knock-your-job-interviewer's-or-college-admissions-officer's-socks-off, resume quality, hands-on experience.

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university advisor

Having served as an advisor for miracle network dance marathon across the country for the last ten years, I can say with confidence that there is no better program on any campus.  Participating as a dance marathon school means giving your students access to hands-on training in peer-to-peer fundraising, goal execution, and small business level management.  These skills serve as amazing complements to any student affairs program, and the perfect practice for their in-classroom learning.  If these experiences weren’t enough, dance marathon also serves as an amazing centerpiece to campus affinity-building and traditions, as a place where students can celebrate their school while doing lots of real-world good.

- bill mattera: assist. director of res. education at louisiana state university

high school advisor

When I talk about miracle network dance marathon, my eyes tear up. When I reflect on what happens each year, I get butterflies. When I meet high school alumni and they are now dancing in college, planning college mndms, working for hospitals or being "for the kids" in their own way in a new place- those are my favorite memories. We have seen how mndm has changed not just the students who participate, but our school in general has grown. The leadership skills that are developed through the process are sustained well past the walls of our high school. Project-based learning and authentic assessment have been words used in education for years. As a 20-year educator, I can't think of a single activity that helps students grow more than mndm.

- joe doyle: assistant principal at bloomington south high school

hospital advisor

In both hospital foundations that I’ve been lucky enough to work with, our miracle network dance marathon programs are the largest source of annual funds raised and have created a pipeline for young philanthropists with an affinity for their local children’s hospital. 

I’ve heard from previous students about “a-ha” moments where they put together the lessons they learned with dance marathon and a “real-world” job experience. That is always a great reminder that mndm facilitates programming which not only raises crucial funds and awareness that our hospitals need, but also prepares our students to go on with perhaps a little more gumption, creativity, and skills needed to succeed in their young careers.

- sarah franz: manager, dance marathons at riley hospital for children

student founder

The miracle network dance marathon movement has more than changed my life and my time as a college student. I was lucky enough to introduce the movement to my campus, San Diego State University, with the university's first marathon in March 2015. In 43 days, alongside a team of incredibly dedicated and passionate student leaders, our efforts raised over $40,000 for the kids at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego. Those 43 days were the most memorable, impactful, and transformational days of my life. It was my goal to create a philanthropy that the entire university could support, and I am so proud of SDSU students and faculty for making this goal a reality.

- emily carper, founder of aztec dance marathon at san diego state university

student director

The miracle network dance marathon movement has changed my life, the lives of my friends, and the lives of countless kids and families throughout the country. Even though Terp Thon is just in our 7th year, we have truly seen a shift in our campus culture. The growth of Terp Thon and the ever increasing impact it has on the University of Maryland community is directly related to the support that miracle network dance marathons provide. Through being involved in Terp Thon, I have grown tremendously as a leader and as a person. Through professional development and a lot of hard work, the miracle network dance marathon culture breeds leaders of all kinds, and the leadership is contagious.

- steven sleasman: executive director, terp thon at university of maryland


To say that miracle network dance marathon has impacted my life is an understatement. It has profoundly changed my life, shaped my career, molded me as a person, given me a lifelong passion, and introduced me to many people I consider family. I signed up for my first dance marathon having no idea what I was getting into; I wasn't even sure I was going to go. I vividly remember running into my first dance marathon and immediately knowing I had found where I belong. I was hired as one of the first dance marathon managers at CMN Hospitals after graduating & am now pursuing my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, hoping to work in one of our network hospitals as a pediatric therapist.

-erin curtis, dance marathon alumna from iowa state university

advise a dance marathon

Are you a a current staff or full-time faculty member willing to donate time, effort and advice to support dance marathon? Do you have the ability to act as a liason to the school- serving the organization in navigating school policies and procedures? If you meet these qualifications and are interested in advising a program, please contact us.

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