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  • martin’s story

    For 1,538 days Martin Thiele fought cancer. 

    “In October of 2010 I ran into the back door at home. I hit my right side of my face hard, so hard it left an imprint of where I hit on the door for at least 2-3 weeks. Days after I hit this door I started having pains in my jaw on the right side. The pain lasted for days and then turned into months. They said I had TMJ. They treated for that and still nothing. Then around January 2011 I felt a bump behind me right ear. We went to get that checked out at my local Dr.’s Office. The Physicians Assistant there felt what I felt. She ordered a Cat Scan that would then save my life perhaps. The results came back there was a tumor there. In February 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma. (I’ll keep it short here) Over the next 3 years I was treated with a number or chemotherapies (8 I think), I did as much radiation as I was allowed, I had a couple of 90 day stays in the hospital, and had many surgeries done. And after relapsing a couple times I hate to say that as of July 2014 the cancer is active. It’s funny though, cancer doesn’t realize every time it comes back I come back stronger ;D ”  – Martin Thiele

    After a four-year battle with cancer, Martin Thiele passed away in April 2015. His legacy of always fighting and never backing down lives on through Miracle Network Dance Marathon (pictured above at Auburn University Dance Marathon).

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