Utilizing Your DM Manager - Dance Marathon

Utilizing Your DM Manager

  • Utilizing Your DM Manager

    “What do you do?”-everyone
    “I’m a Dance Marathon Manager”-me
    “A what?”-everyone

    I could (and usually do) spend hours explaining to people what I do for a living. It’s difficult to adequately articulate the magic of Dance Marathon, why I chose a career path with CMN Hospitals, and what this movement means to me. It occurred to me that with the yearly turnover of student leaders, perhaps it’s time to revisit how you can utilize our network of Dance Marathon Managers.

    In a nutshell, we’re here to share best practices from across our network of programs, ask thoughtful questions about how and why you’re executing certain things, and an overall support system for you and your program. More specifically, here is an outline of our roles:

    • Help students develop a strategic plan
    • Help students develop timeline and production of the event
    • Help students develop year round planning strategy • Assist with data tracking and Donor Drive • Provide best practices from across the network • Connect students with other programs within the network
    • Advise ways for students to most effectively market their organization
    • Work with students on fundraising best practices and strategies
    • Help students establish and utilize Miracle Network Dance Marathon brand
    • Assist in student leadership and development
    • Provide nationally developed materials

    The biggest piece of advice I can give about working with a Dance Marathon Manager is just to start the conversation; set up a call and talk about your goals, vision, concerns, and how you can utilize your university advisor, your hospital advisor, and your DM Manager. We’re friendly, we love to talk DM, and we’re here to support you.

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