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uidm’s $2.4 million goal

  • uidm’s $2.4 million goal

    After seeing the success of hitting $2 Million FTK for Dance Marathon 21, we asked ourselves what is next. Is it $2.2 Million for DM 22, or can we shoot for an even higher goal? We analyzed our growth percentages from the past 5 years, and the highest one we achieved was 17.7% for DM 20. Then, we looked at some of our new ideas and initiatives for DM 22 including raising the fundraising minimum from $400 to $500, heavy recruitment in the spring and summer, implementing the Org Delegate Program, hosting our first inaugural 100 Dollar Day, and motivating our team through the excitement of the new UI Children’s Hospital that will be opening this year. We knew that we had the right team in place to not only build upon the events and successes of the past 21 years, but we had a team that could be innovative to implement many new programs and events. Therefore, we knew we could set the bar high with a $2.4 Million goal (20% increase), and if we got people to buy into the impact of this goal, we would not only hit but exceed this goal all For The Kids! Throughout the year, our messaging was not around what the number is, but the impact the goal truly will make on our DM families battling pediatric cancer. To do so, we provided our leadership team and dancers with specific ways $2.4 Million Dollars would help our DM families, and they truly did buy-in to this goal and went above and beyond to help our team achieve this high goal. When the second number on the tote board was a “4”, the entire ballroom burst into excitement and joy, and we made sure to conclude DM 22 with everyone knowing that yes $2.4 Million is incredible, but how that number will impact our DM families is what truly matters.

    Student Contributor:
    Dan Kolb
    Executive Director – University of Iowa Dance Marathon 22

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