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Opinion: Dancing to Prove Millennial Naysayers Wrong

  • Opinion: Dancing to Prove Millennial Naysayers Wrong

    Written by Jacob Logeman, Vice President of External Affairs at Ball State University Dance Marathon

    Millennials are lazy. Millennials are killing. Millennials are the worst. At least, that’s what Google search tells us.

    I have a different perspective. As a member of the Dance Marathon movement, which is led entirely by millennials, I work with students every day who would gladly sacrifice sleeping in on a Saturday morning to participate in a 5K race benefitting Riley Hospital for Children. I collaborate with fellow philanthropists to save the lives of young patients who [may be] otherwise financially [unable to pay for their treatments]. I’ve even witnessed my friends donate a portion of their paycheck to help another participant reach their fundraising goal.

    I’m constantly inspired by what this generation is capable of and I refuse to let any one of us be labeled by a stereotype.

    We’ve chosen to combat the opposition. We’ve joined a team that radiates hope for those around us. We’ve blazed the trail towards something bigger than ourselves. And although some may choose to watch from the sidelines, the view from the field proves that this is a generation of fighters. We recognize the problems within the world in which we live and we’re determined to make a difference.

    We dance to prove the naysayers wrong. We dance because we’re not lazy. And most importantly, we dance to save lives.

    Photo: Ball State University Dance Marathon’s 2016 Fundraising Total


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