KUDM is #FightingForTheNext With New Campaign - Dance Marathon

KUDM is #FightingForTheNext With New Campaign

  • KUDM is #FightingForTheNext With New Campaign

    This week, the University of Kansas Dance Marathon launched their #FightingForTheNext campaign with the goal of raising awareness for their efforts to fundraise so that children treated at the hospital can  experience their next bike ride, birthday, school dance, etc.

    After they shared their inspiring video (below), which had KU Dance Marathon members reading letters they had written to themselves as children, we asked the Director of External Operations, Dani Sorensen, to share some insights about their campaign.

    “We have over 600 student organizations on campus, and we wanted to figure out a way to make sure our message cuts through the noise. We raise money, we have a big event, and we help students get involved, but a lot of other organizations can say the same thing. I broke down our brand and wanted to identify who we were and what this movement is.”

    “Yes, we fundraise. Yes, we have an event. Yes, we want students to get involved,” Sorenson added. “But we also make sure that kids get to have happy memories. Not many other organizations get to say that. I think if we can connect students to the cause by reminiscing on all of the priceless childhood moments that we ALL got to experience growing up, they could resonate with the message more.”

    KUDM wants to make sure that their message can be relatable to all audiences and will inspire students to want to get involved and fundraise to help save kids lives.

    “If students only understand we are fundraising money for a ‘good cause,’ they won’t want to get on board,” Sorenson said. “If students understand that we are fundraising money to help kids laugh, smile, ride their bikes, play with their friends, blow out birthday candles, go on vacation, compete in sports, and throw their graduation cap in their air, then they might be able to connect to the cause a little more.”


    You can support KU Dance Marathon through their fundraising page.


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