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    Originally upon joining BuckeyeThon four years ago, I anticipated the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than myself and to give back to my community. However, four years and countless hours later, I have come to realize that BuckeyeThon has given me so much more than that. BuckeyeThon is first and foremost for the kids, but we are also for our members. One of the pillars of our organization is to enrich our members’ lives. Members are the foundation and core of any organization, and without dedicated, driven members, BuckeyeThon would not be able to accomplish any of our other objectives. We would not be able to champion our kids, support our hospital or engage our campus community. Our “members matter” mindset is what allows our organization to recruit and develop the best possible talent.

    “Members are the foundation and core of any organization”

    This past year BuckeyeThon was able to create a more strategic selections process, which allowed us to bring 52 highly qualified new members into our organization. We then were able to host a new member retreat and facilitate an education process for these members to ensure that they had all of the knowledge, skills and tools that they would need to be successful in our organization. We also added leadership development components to our programming this year. We focused on key topics such as communication, delegation and organization in sessions with our leadership team and facilitated the opportunity for all of our members to take Strengths Quest as an opportunity for personal growth. We were able to host several professional and social development opportunities throughout the year for our members such as an elevator pitch workshop and a zoo lights outing. In addition, BuckeyeThon has several traditions that are near and dear to our hearts including crayon shout outs, the BuckeyeThon chant, heart-to-hearts, and the passing of the letter, which allow us to maintain our unique culture and recognize our outstanding members. If there is one thing that I have learned in my BuckeyeThon experience, it is that people matter. Our members are investing their time, energy and college experience into our organization, so it is so important that we also invest in our members, to not only develop them personally and professionally, but also to propel our organization forward.

    BuckeyeThon Membership

    Student Contribution:
    Carly Hoffman – BuckeyeThon (Ohio State University)

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