The First Canadian DM - Simon Fraser University - Dance Marathon

The First Canadian DM – Simon Fraser University

  • The First Canadian DM – Simon Fraser University

    Simon Fraser University was the first university in Canada to join the fast-growing Dance Marathon movement in North America – a brave feat considering no other school in the country had yet heard of this incredible idea that is Dance Marathon! Now in its 3rd year, the SFUDM Executive knew that they had to be bold, think big, and create a presence on campus to truly engage and excite this more challenging, commuter-style student body. The Executive expanded their planning committee to 30+ members and a number of new committees, all responsible for creating a year-round engagement strategy that would reach all components of campus. Through a fantastic planning retreat and great innovation-focused brainstorming sessions, they created eight fundraising and awareness-based activities to be executed leading up to their February 20th, 2016 event date. Originally, the team was quite daunted by the idea of introducing 8 events in addition to their final Dance Marathon in February, but at the end of the day, they couldn’t have been more pleased (or more proud) of their work on campus. By the time DM came around, they had covered their expenses through micro-fundraisers, they had a spirited new following of first-through-senior year students, many new teams from new reaches of campus and, most importantly, a build-up of momentum that carried them through their final hours of their Dance Marathon (and we all know what a powerful thing momentum can be when harnessed correctly). These new initiatives and experiences gave the 2016 SFUDM a lot of valuable insight into their campus community, and will only strengthen them as they continue to drive forward with the pioneering DM program in Canada – and I can’t wait to see what these unstoppable students will continue to do for years to come!

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