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In-Event Fundraising Done Right

  • In-Event Fundraising Done Right


    In-event fundraising is an opportunity to raise even more funds for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, while connecting participants to the cause and creating a more engaging atmosphere. Here are five simple steps that will help your program see success with in-event fundraising:

    1. Planned Spontaneity – In-event fundraising will be most effective when there is plan in place at least 2-3 weeks out from the main event. Going through the brainstorming stage all the way through the finalized copy, this will allow the Dance Marathon team to feel comfortable enough with the plan to ensure participants view the fundraising as a natural part of the Dance Marathon. During the event, the team can enjoy putting the plan into action, allowing the audience to view the fundraising push as spontaneous and exciting.

    2. Evaluating the Outcome – Sometimes it’s worth spending money to make money, however, with in-event fundraising it is important to consider if the funds raised outweigh the amount spent. Innovative thinking during a brainstorming session could be a good way to find alternative solutions for fundraising throughout the event. For example, a Dance Marathon team can reach out to community partners, enthusiastic faculty members or Miracle Families to engage others in the cause, while raising more funds for our local Children’s Miracle Networks Hospitals.

    3. Communication – It takes a team to put on the best in-event fundraising efforts possible. When creating the strategy, recognizing the various roles team members can play is important. From the person making the announcement on stage, the people behind the scenes tracking the numbers to the members creating excitement throughout the venue, all play a vital role in the success. Communication between all of the members of the team will ensure that the time spent to make in-event fundraising happen will be rewarding.

    4. Flexibility – While it is important to have a plan, all who have attended Dance Marathon know that sometimes the unexpected happens. Having an open-mind is the best way to execute that strategy when plans are shifting around you. Stay committed to the original goals, while recognizing that sometimes there needs to be a new way to achieve them.

    5. Have Fun – As cliché as it may sound, if the team is having fun with in-event fundraising, so will the participants. The Dance Marathon team’s energy directly impacts the enthusiasm of the participants and the more the participants know the impact they’re making for the kids in their community by donating, the more excitement will fill the room.

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