Dance Marathon Survival Guide: Dancer Edition

Dance Marathon Survival Guide: Dancer Edition

  • Dance Marathon Survival Guide: Dancer Edition

    Before the Event:

    1. Fundraise!

    Make it Rain Money Gif

    Make sure you’ve done all you can to fundraise For The Kids BEFORE showing up to Dance Marathon. You want to be able to celebrate all your hard work during the event so reach out to all of your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, high school friends, etc. and let them know what you’re standing and dancing for and ask for donations.

    2. Get your homework done.

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    Make sure you take some time to get your homework and studying done for the next week before you show up to Dance Marathon. Let’s be honest, studying is going to be the last thing you’ll want to do Sunday night after dancing for hours

    3. Get plenty of sleep the night before.

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    We need you on your A-game during the Dance Marathon and you’ll want to be mentally ready to learn the morale dance, compete in the eating contest, win color group wars, and listen to the family stories.

    4. Pack all the necessities for the day of the event.

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    Don’t forget to pack things like:

    -Comfortable shoes
    -Color Team Apparel/Theme hours costumes
    -Toiletries (gotta stay fresh after dancing all night)
    -Money (you know you’re going to want to buy swag or make some last minute donations)

    5. Save your fundraising link.

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    Before you arrive at the Dance Marathon, find the link to your fundraising page and save it somewhere on your phone. At some point during the Dance Marathon, you’re going to want to post things on social media, ask for extra donations, or compete in the fundraising challenge, so it’ll be good to have that handy.

    The Day Of:

    6. Show up early.

    This is the one event of the year that you DON’T want to be late for!

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    Check-in may take some time to get through and you’ll want to allow yourself some time to get settled, put your things away, and get hyped up before opening ceremonies so be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the event start time (unless otherwise noted by your DM).

    7. Stand and Dance…all night long!

    Dance Marathon is meant to be a celebration as well as a chance for us to show our commitment to the hospital and families. Nurses often work 12-hour shifts on their feet the entire time. Kids and their families stay up all night long while receiving treatment at the hospital. The least we can do is stay on our feet and dance for one night in their honor!

    8. Listen to the family stories and support the kids.

    You have no idea how much these Dance Marathon events means to our Miracle kids and their families and this is typically one of their favorite days of the entire year. So lets treat them like the rock-stars they are and listen to their stories, spend time hanging out with them and getting to know them, and recognize them as the champions they are.

    Trust us, you’ll be fangirling anytime a kid gets on stage by the end of Dance Marathon.

    Fans Screaming Gif

    9. Learn the Morale Dance/Line Dance.

    Dance Like No Ones Watching Gif

    Bad Dancing Saves Lives! Take the time during the Dance Marathon to learn the Morale Dance/Line Dance and encourage your friends to do the same. What is more awesome than a whole group of college students synchronized dancing to the chart toppers of yesterday and today (plus a Disney song every once in awhile)?! You’ll appreciate this tip when, weeks after Dance Marathon, all your friends are busting out the dance when a song comes on and you can join in with them.

    *But really, dance like EVERYONE is watching and you just don’t care because you’re doing it all For The Kids!

    10. Stay until the end.

    You do not want to miss closing ceremonies and the total reveal—without a doubt the best part of Dance Marathon. You will feel so amazing for weeks after seeing that total reveal and ugly-crying because you’ve worked so hard to get to this point for this incredible cause.

    It will feel like an Oprah moment…and everyone deserves an Oprah moment.

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    Brian Golden
    Dance Marathon Manager | Mid Atlantic Region

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