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Dance Marathon SWOT Analysis

  • Dance Marathon SWOT Analysis

    Debriefing your Dance Marathon is a key step in ensuring future success and growth. A simple SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis can help guide the debrief conversation and lead you into another year of great results For The Kids! A goals check Is a great place to begin the debrief conversation. What goals did you outline for this year? Were they met? Why or why not?

    The SWOT analysis gives you and your team the opportunity to both reflect on the past year and anticipate the year to come. Consider using these questions in the process:

    STRENGTHS: What worked well this year? What goals did you achieve? What aspects of Dance Marathon really resonate with your campus? What aspects of your event did participants really enjoy?

    WEAKNESSES: What areas were challenging this year? What goals weren’t achieved? Why not? What feedback on Dance Marathon did you receive from campus?

    OPPORTUNITIES: How can you build on the strengths to continue to grow in the future? How can you tie Dance Marathon into your campus culture? In what ways can you better connect participants to the cause? How might you develop a comprehensive dancer communication plan?

    THREATS: What challenges might you anticipate in the coming year? What aspects of Dance Marathon might these things affect? How could you plan to work through them?

    Using this framework as a guide will allow your outgoing and incoming leadership teams to have productive conversation to help identify a focus and vision for the next year. Have questions? Your Dance Marathon Manager is here to help!

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