8 Ways to Engage Your Families At Your Event - Dance Marathon

8 Ways to Engage Your Families At Your Event

  • 8 Ways to Engage Your Families At Your Event


    Dance Marathon provides an opportunity for families to feel like celebrities, forget about their next treatment, and just be a kid. I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to engage families at your event.

    1. Provide a place for your dancers to find inspiration. Include stories of patients at the event, students on campus, or even a place for dancers to share their own inspiration.

    2. Miracle Kid Talent Show! Always a classic.

    3. Engage the families and kids throughout your event. Let them be the judge for a game or the host of a karaoke competition. And remember, siblings and parents love Dance Marathon too!

    4. Allow dancers to write “fan mail” to your miracle kids during the event.

    5. Have a place for families to go during the event to relax – include snacks and games.

    6. Provide dancers with an opportunity to interact with the families throughout the event. This could be a craft station, dancers getting “makeovers” or a magic show from one of your miracle kids.

    7. Plan a “Miracle Family Brunch” to provide an opportunity for the families to have time to get to know each other during the event. Thank you to DM at LSU for this awesome best practice.

    8. Finally, outside of the event, work to engage your families year-round. Send them birthday cards, attend their football games, or dance recitals.

    One of my best buddies from Dance Marathon during my undergrad once said Dance Marathon was better than his birthday! Let’s continue to make them feel like rock stars on this special day!

    Emily Myers
    Dance Marathon Manager | Bluegrass Region

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