7 Fun Lessons you learn at Dance Marathon - Dance Marathon

7 Fun Lessons you learn at Dance Marathon

  • 7 Fun Lessons you learn at Dance Marathon

    1. Sitting in the front row on a roller coaster isn’t as bad as you thought. The emotional roller coaster that is.

    2. Redefining “did we just become best friends” when you look to your right and notice a stranger has an extra hair tie.

    3. Backstreet is definitely back, alright.
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    4. Mom’s 70s wardrobe you spent the majority of your childhood making fun of is actually…king of cool. Like really cool. Can we wear neon and fanny packs daily?

    5. You actually are Beyoncé when you dance the line dance.
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    6. PDMD (Post Dance Marathon Depression) is a severe issue.

    7. You have the power to change a family’s life.

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