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5 tips to lead a successful meeting

  • 5 tips to lead a successful meeting


    We have all been to really great meetings and really bad meetings. There is nothing worse than attending a meeting that drags on forever and nothing seems to get accomplished. It is crucial to maximize your productivity and take advantage your time when you have your whole team together. Here are five tips on how to run a successful meeting.

    1. Messaging Vs Meeting

    First things first, do you even need to meet? Small decisions don’t need big meetings. Ask yourself if your goals can be met with a group email, a phone call or other means of communication. It is important to save everyone’s time and efforts for when it is really needed.

    2. Preparation is Key

    Even for the smallest of meetings, create an agenda! It should include items to discuss and the overall goal(s). Send this out to all participants a couple days prior to the meeting to ensure everyone comes prepared and ready to work!

    3. Stay on Track

    Establish how long you will spend on each topic and stick to it. If the meeting is being slowed down by participants who are oversharing, you can manage the problem by saying “We appreciate all of your great ideas and enthusiasm. Let’s chat after the meeting to elaborate more”.

    4. Engage All Participants

    Make sure every voice is heard at the meeting. If your meetings frequently involve the same 1 or 2 people speaking, make sure the quieter people are getting their opinions heard as well. You can do this by asking them for feedback, breaking into groups or other creative ways like getting every person to write down their ideas on post-it notes.

    5. Re-Cap Immediately

    By the end of the meeting, you should have a list of minutes and next steps. Make sure to give each action item an owner and timeline. Send this out after meeting, include the next meeting’s time and place if needed.

    Molly McKeown
    Dance Marathon Manager – Canada

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