5 Things Your Non-DM Friends Don't Understand

5 things your non-dm friends don’t understand

  • 5 things your non-dm friends don’t understand

    1. “So you’re a dancer? I don’t dance.”

    We are NOT professional dancers. The title might be a little misleading, but Dance Marathon has very little to do with dancing. Yes, there is a short line dance performed every hour—but it is just to help stretch your muscles out and keep you moving for all the hours you’re on your feet.


    2. “What’s the point of standing for so long? Can’t I just donate the money?”

    We stand in celebration of the funds we raise. While donating money is appreciated, taking the stand gives you a glimpse in the everyday lives of the kids who are treated at your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. It’s sometimes uncomfortable but we stand in solidarity so that kids know they are not fighting alone.

    3. “Dance Marathon is not for another 7 months, why are you already asking for donations?”

    Dance Marathon is more than one event a year—it’s a year-long fundraiser to help sick and injured kids in your local community. We raise funds all year and celebrate the impact we make in our communities by taking the stand, allowing kids to share their incredible stories, and bring our campuses together for one purpose—for the kids.


    4. “I can’t afford to participate.”

    Dance Marathon is not about giving money; it’s about raising funds and awareness for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. If each participant’s goal is to raise $100, it’s not about giving $100. It’s about telling friends and families about how you’re committed to change the lives of kids in your local community. That’s 20 friends and family members donating $5. When you break it down, fundraising is easy.


    5. “Why are there so many pictures of you crying?”

    audm cry
    Dance Marathon is an emotional journey, okay. You’ve changed the world of kids you’ll never meet. Every dollar you have raised contributed to that big total reveal of the event and when you see how your campus comes together to make this change, it’s pretty hard not to cry. Also standing on your feet for hours on end doesn’t help toward maintaining your emotional stability.

    Chris Hixon
    Dance Marathon Manager – Northeast Region

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