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5 Things to make Transition Easier

  • 5 Things to make Transition Easier


    Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Man, how did that person get that job? Even I could do it better…’ I’ve personally thought that many times; from a rude customer representative to the Academy for just choosing Leo to win an Oscar (he should obviously have multiple).

    MNDM is incredibly lucky to have the very best leaders in the country but we must still be conscious of choosing the right people for each position. Transitioning executive boards every year is often an overlooked practice of a Dance Marathon program. Yet, it is vitally important to the success. Here are 5 things to keep in mind:

    1. Advisor Help. Your university, hospital, and DM Manager advisors have much experience with the program and student development. Make sure you include them in the process and asking for their feedback.

    2. Consistency. Year after year should be the same or similar hiring process and same time frame. It should be ingrained in the constitution and followed closely. Before the Big Event you should already know all the next steps needed to have a smooth transition process once it is over.

    3. Feedback From Peers. Allow your current executive team to give their input in the hiring process. Maybe an anonymous survey where they can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant to allow the ‘hiring team’ to have a well-rounded evaluation.

    4. Objectivity. Think strategically; don’t hire your friend because it would be more fun, hire the person who will do the best job. We have an important job: saving kids lives, think of them when making the decisions.

    5. Be Thorough. Make sure each applicant is meeting certain requirements. Filling out an application, completing an interview, accepting the expectations required of them, getting peer feedback, and more.

    One of the many beauties of MNDM is that our movement is student run! It is understood that each student group understands their program and their campus better than anyone else. Don’t be like the Academy, choose the right “Leo” for each position. All of these steps will help you do so but most importantly keep in mind #1: Advisor Help. They often have the most objective and strategic view.

    Nick Coleman
    Dance Marathon Manager | Upper Plains

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