Eight Things Dancers Experience in the last hour of DM - Dance Marathon

Eight Things Dancers Experience in the last hour of DM

  • Eight Things Dancers Experience in the last hour of DM

    1. You’re in a glass case of emotion.
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    Your feet hurt. You’re hungry? Very tired – but a family is speaking and you’re still trying to perfect the line dance before it is all over. And you may have to go to the bathroom but do not want to miss anything. We feel you, we’ve all been there.

    2. Total reveal is coming.
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    What is a total reveal? What do I do? Have I done enough? Will we hit our goal? I’ll post my Donor Drive link one more time to make sure. Someone please give me one last donation!

    3. This will be the best line dance yet.
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    Even though you’ve been standing the longest at this point – you will make sure you hit all of those moves fluidly and with the most energy, this is your last chance to do so.

    4. They’ve turned out the lights and there are glow sticks flying.
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    It’s time to rave. Power hour is upon us.

    5. We’re now forming a large circle around the room.
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    They call this the Circle of Hope. I’m holding hands with strangers who have become my closest friends, thinking about the journey this event has brought me on while Executive Board members and families are coming around cutting off my hospital bracelet and thanking ME for everything I have done.

    6. The overwhelming emotions of total reveal.
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    Everyone is screaming with pride/joy/celebration of what we have accomplished for our hospital and the kids treated there – and no one knows what to do with their hands.

    7. The ugly cry.
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    It truly is horrible but so beautiful at the same time. Everyone is sweating, uncontrollably crying and hanging on each other so they don’t fall over. All of the feels and there is no place you’d rather be than in that moment.

    8. Sitting down for the first time.
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    Is the greatest feeling you have ever experienced. Mission: Dance Marathon – accomplished.

    Taylor Dietrich | Dance Marathon Manager

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